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Fish for Dinner: Tales of Newfoundland and Labrador Germany Has The Brothers Grimm, And Now Newfoundland Has Paul O Neill Paul O Neill Has Been Collecting Favourite Stories From Around The World Since High School In Fish For Dinner, He Has Taken Tales Of Long Ago That Grew Out Of The World S Oral Traditions And Set Them In Communities Around Newfoundland And Labrador The Result Is A Wonderful Collection Of Tales Of Ghosts, Witches, Fairies, And Magical Happenings For The Adult Reader Included In This Volume Are Stories From L Anse Aux Meadows The One Hundredth WifeCorner Brook How Finbar Beat Old ScratchHarbour Grace The Wisdom Of SolomonPetty Harbour Skipper And The Red FoxNain The Boy Who Never Said A WordFogo The Good Merchant And Many

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    Fish for Dinner is a compilation of old tales with a Newfoundland twist Like a view of Hans Christian Andersen s fairytales, with our culture, words and what s familiar intertwined with fantasy Current The stories in Fish for Dinner are well written, with great descriptive passages The Chronicle Herald Fish for Dinner is a new...

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    I noticed I started this in 2015..It never takes me this long to finish a book.It was not what I was expecting And I usually like to finish a book 0nce I start it, but I just couldn t make my way through.Maybe someday I ll finish it, but for now its on my Gave Up shelf.

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