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The Financial Tsunami Politicians And The Mass Media Have Taken An Amorphous View Of The Financial Woes That Our Nation Faces Frustrated By The Lack Of Facts And Political Finger Pointing Mike Gearhardt And Will Gates Felt Compelled To Research And Write The Financial Tsunami This Book Offers Insightful Discussion On What Is Driving The United State S Annual Deficits And The National Debt To Record And Unprecedented Levels The Financial Tsunami Delves Into Why The Economic Problems That Our Nation Faces Today Are Unlike Any Other Financial Crisis In The History Of America The Book Offers A Non Political Perspective Of The Fiscal Irresponsibility That Our Country Has Experienced For The Last Years The Interrelationships Of Spending And Taxation, Is Detailed And Presented In Clear And Understandable Terms The Book Exposes The Fallacy In Ignoring The Trillion Intergovernmental Debt The Authors Detail How Intergovernmental Debt Will Become Public Debt And How It Will Worsen An Already Fragile Economy The Options That Many Are Advocating To Solve Our Economic Problems Simply Are Not Feasible And The Authors Clarify WhyHow Do We Survive The Tsunami Mike Gearhardt And Will Gates Have Developed A Well Thought Out Plan To Lead Our Nation Toward Fiscal ResponsibilityIf There Is One Book You Want To Read To Understand The Economic Woes Of Our Nation And What Can Be Done, This Is The Book

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    just a brief history of who is who during the 90s..

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