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    Another Write Bloody poet who strikes an imagery with a strong sense of laughter and the strange, battles with past relationships and monsters I ll own a copy of this book one day.Favorites Miracle Trauma Just Like When You Live Here Leviathan Crematorium Rains and Pours Wet Embers

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    Josh Boyd has been banned from responsible performance spaces around Brooklyn for his treatment of women There are other, less loathsome poets who deserve your attention Read some female poets instead.

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    wow, just wow

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Catacomb Confetti There Is Never Dull Moment In Josh Boyd S Poetry Throbbing Imagery And Red Hot Honesty Pepper These Accounts Of Romance, God, Loss, Hope And History Josh Boyd Visited The Catacombs In Paris, France Over A Decade Ago While Gazing Into The Empty Eye Sockets Of Nameless Skulls, New Poems Emerged, Beautiful, Dark And Hopeful