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A Comfortable Boy In A Comfortable Boy, Pickering Describes The Early Years Of Childhood, Rolling Back Through Time On The Wheels Of Anecdotal Memory With An Eye Peeled For Detail, He Recalls Family And Places He Meanders Farm And School, Roaming Tennessee And Virginia He Notices Things That Others Sometimes Miss Or At Least Neglect He Owns Three Dogs, All Mongrels Rescued From The Streets Of Hartford, And He Calls The Trowel He Uses To Scoop Up Their Droppings Excalibur For Pickering Life S Pleasures Are Endless, Lurking Amid The Wildflowers Of Field And Wood Or Sprouting In Paragraphs Written To His Great Grandmother During The Civil War In Part A Comfortable Boy Reveals What Made Pickering A Successful Teacher And Writer, Not The Wound Of The Suffering Romantic But Instead The Simple Joy And Gratitude For Being Born In The South At A Certain Time In A Particular Place And In A Specific Family Among People, He Writes, Whom It Was Impossible Not To Love And Not To Laugh At And With

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    Though I know it was never the author s intention, Sam s stories about his childhood somewhat make me mourn my own This book is like being with a good friend.