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Living Dairy-Free for Dummies Whatever The Reason For Not Eating Dairy, Living Dairy Free For Dummies Provides Readers With The Most Up To Date Information On A Dairy Free Diet And Lifestyle And Will Empower Them To Thrive Without Dairy While Still Getting The Calcium, Vitamin D And Nutritional Benefits Commonly Associated With Dairy Products Living Dairy Free For DummiesIs A Lifestyle Manual, Going Beyond Just Recipes To Present A Full Nutritional Evaluation Of What Dairy Free Life Is Like Contains Than Dairy Free Recipes, Along With How To Set Up A Dairy Free Kitchen And Tips For Eating Out And Remaining Dairy Free Presents Alternatives To Dairy So Readers Can Continue Getting The Nutritional Value And Tastes Of Dairy, Without The Side Effects

10 thoughts on “Living Dairy-Free for Dummies

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    Very helpful in its descriptions of hidden dairy ingredients so evidently I have not been dairy free all this time, just mostly dairy free However, it s out of date with its food pyramid, relies a lot on soy even though soy is terrible for all humans and especially terrible for me, and it was very repetitive Most of the ways it was unhelpful were personal, though, since I also have to avoid other foods that the book had no reason to avoid Still, a decent resource for me, and probably a really good resource for people who are only going dairy free, not lots of other foods free, too.

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    This For Dummies book started off helpful, but then became less so as the chapters continued Some whole sections of chapters seemed irrelevant or repetitive from earlier sections On the plus side, some of the recipes sounded good and it did provide thoughtful tips for those who are going dairy free or at least reducing dairy from their diet Good for a skim, but I don t recommend reading cover to cover.

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    I guess I m not as big a dummy as I thought Most of this was commen sense stuff that I already know It did offer some useful suggestions, that possibly woulnd t occur to some people This is the first dummies book I ve read, so I d recommend it to any dummy who really has no freakin clue about whatever the subject is

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    I read this book as i was told to go Dairy and Gluten free by my physician, and while some chapters are helpful hidden sources of dairy it s essentially a vegetarian manifesto You can glean just as much knowledge for free from dairy free blogs and websites.

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    It seemed to me that she was pushing past dairy free and wanting people to become completely vegetarian vegan.

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    A few interesting tipsbut to me, dairy free does not mean SOY I would never put soy in my body And I have no desire to be Vegan So, not really my speed.

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