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Self Sufficiency Home Brewing What Could Be Better Than Enjoying A Glass Of Delicious Home Brewed Organic Beer This Book Includes Everything You Ll Need To Know To Brew A Variety Of Beers At Home, From The Equipment And Techniques Needed To A Few Inside Secrets From A Professional Brewer In This Timely Book, John Parkes Demystifies The Brewing Process And Explains In Easy To Follow Terms How Anyone Can Produce Delicious Beer With The Help Of Just Some Basic Equipment And A Few Key Skills Those New To Home Brewing Will Love The Easy To Follow Instructions And The Detailed Explanations Of The Brewing Process And Anyone Already Adept At Home Brewing Will Be Delighted By The Original Recipes Made Without Unnecessary Chemicals And Additives, The Beers Featured Here Will Appeal To Anyone Seeking A Self Sufficient Lifestyle.

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    Decent introduction.

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    A good, digestible overview of the basics behind home brewing including the considerations that may or may not have occurred to you for example if 94 96% of beer is actually water, how important is your water source What are the benefits and drawbacks of using tap water versus sterilized water versus a natural source, and what effects is this going to have on your brew It also covers at least touches on advice that labels, basic instructions and recipes don t touch on I was recommended How to Brew Everything You Need to Know to Brew Beer Right the First Time by John Palmer, which is also supposed to be a great intro to, and although it s freely available online, I needed something I could read away from the screen.The book first introduces beer styles, ingredients, equipment and alternatives to all of these Then goes into the basic principles behind making your own beer, which further breaks down into three chunks brewing from kits brewing with malt extract, hops and other adjuncts and then brewing the traditional way, for serious and or experienced brewers with knowledge and time on their hands and the willingness to at least initially invest a bit in their brewing.I ve only brewed once, using a kit the conte...

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    It s not like it was a bad book, per se Just useless.This is the bare minimum basics, and there are a ton of other books out there that cover those basics with a whole hack of a lot interest and panache.Plus, it looks like it was typeset by a 1990s housewife I had originally written fourth grader , but then I realized most fourth grade...

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    Very informative although it does have a couple of negative points 1, it uses terminology before explaining that terminology leaving the reader to backtrack once the expansion is given and 2, detailed processes are explained in prose where supplementary diagrams would significantly aid u...

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    If you want to brew bad beer, follow the directions given in this book Seriously.Parkes offers, to be generous, an interesting view into the practice of small UK brewpubs Perhaps his methods somehow work for him I can t imagine them working anywhere else.

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    Informative but brief, it takes you through the need to know of home brewing as well as some historical background and interesting facts Worth while read.

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