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    The drama of their lives is played out within their own walls, The residents of Melanchthon also find that the small dramas involving one another consume of their remaining life energies than any larger dramas in the outside world Even visitors are drawn in if they stay than a day or so p128James has crafted an intelligent mystery that weaves together an intricate web of emotion and secrets At Haus im Wauld, a residential aged care facility, an elderly resident is found bludgeoned to death in his room There is no shortage of motives or suspects in the case , the care home is a surprising maelstrom of intrigue Someone is writing nasty notes to residents, two patients have died in the last month and now a man has been murdered Carefully layering misdirection and clues, James sustains the suspense as Inspector Georg Buchner investigates.Inspector Georg Buchner is a laid back, traditional detective who uses the unusual technique of immersing himself in the community to find the killer I felt Buchner could have been active in his investigation but I also liked his thoughtful analysis of the residents as he pokes and prods at the characters, uncovering secrets and lies.Eleanor Fabian is a major character in the novel even though she is only eve...

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    This murder mystery takes place in an assisted living facility, where an increasing number of the elderly live out their days In some ways, the horror of murder and death itself was muted as most of the inmates , as James calls them, expect to die under the roof of the Haus im Wald House in the Woods In essence, death wasn t unusual murder was One act of violence throws a suspicious hue to all of the natural deaths and illnesses that follow, tempering the reader s interpretation of the events that unfold.The sense of despair, late romances, and attempts to live and retain some sort of control reminded me greatly of Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont, though these characteristics of the aging were intensified and expanded upon in A Place to Die Due to their isolation, they often forget about the outside world even as they themselves are forgotten, and this novel captures all of the emotions and struggles that come with that and the difficulty in retaining one s independence as age, infirmity, and strong willed caretakers attempt to stay one s hand At certain points, my frustration with the matrons of the facility was almost unbearable, perhaps because such highhanded figures do actually exist.As the book shifts between three points of view, and about a dozen suspects are introduc...

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    Article first published as Book Review A Place To Die by Dorothy James on Blogcritics A place to live with all the luxuries as well as friends at your beck and call seems to be a lofty ambition Could there really be a home for the elderly, one that is capable of housing those who just want a nice place to finish their lives, but for others a place where they can be cared for in the last days of their lives What happens when things do not work as planned and murder makes a stand In A Place to Die by Dorothy James, she takes us to a retirement home in the Vienna Woods Here she introduces us to an eclectic cast of characters that charm or annoy When Eleanor and Franz Fabian arrive from their home in New York to settle his mother in her new rooms, they find themselves in the midst of a murder and a mystery When the wealthy and well liked Herr Graf is found dead the Fabians find themselves in the middle of a mystery that dates back to the history of some of the residents Eleanor is a mystery aficionado and is interested in the process, getting involved when she should not be Her husband however has no time and finds it all very boring When Inspector Georg Buchner gets the case he finds mysteries behind each clue he uncovers The residents are not above suspicion, yet neither are the help, including the physicians and nurses.Things take a strange turn when suddenly other residents b...

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    A PLACE TO DIE is an intriguing story set in Austria, reminiscent of a good English mystery I just finished reading it last night, and am already missing the characters At first I was attracted to the book because it was set in Wien Vienna I adore Wien But then as I visited with these folks night after night reading a little in bed each night , I grew terribly fond of them.I was particularly rooting for American Eleanor Fabian, a woman of great depth who deserved much in life than her annoying husband provided I m passionate about marriage and devotion in real life, I believe that once married one is duty bound to stay married and devoted to each other, unless there s something truly awful going on But Dorothy James convinced me otherwise with Eleanor.I enjoyed getting to know the other characters in the Haus Im Wald, too Each was colorful, deliciously unique, and memorable Inspector Georg Buchner is a fun lead, likeable as well as clever.Ms James vivid scene painting placed me smack dab in the middle of winter in Austria, and I felt as if I knew the Haus intimately by the end of the book I also craved Kaffee und Kuchen many times during the characters dining events As people start dropping dead in the Haus i...

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    Eleanor and Franz Fabian are visiting Franz s elderly mother at her nursing home in Vienna, Austria While they are there, an unexpected bit of drama crops up one of the residents is brutally murdered on Christmas Day Inspector Georg B chner arrives on the scene and methodically goes through all the evidence, unweaving the tangle of lies and contradictions and unrelated issues to find the culprit I enjoyed the musings on aging, the too brief discussion of the post WWII climate in Austria, and the vivid descriptions of the Vienna woods I also found the subplot of Eleanor s marital problems and amateur sleuthing enhanced the main story rather than taking away from it I m not much of a murder mystery aficionado, and in fact don t generally seek them out, but this one was really good I really liked B chner though I ...

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    A Place to Die is the wonderful debut volume in a new series of literary detective novels, introducing the sweetly charming Viennese detective, Inspector George Buchner, the cheerful Eleanor Fabian a would be English American Miss Marple , and her irritable and irritating husband Franz It s a page tuner, yes, but you wouldn t want to turn the pages of this book TOO quickly the prose is too lovely, the psychological insights too interesting, and the comic scenes are too funny to want to rush through it Among other pleasures of the book are the all too real, half funny, half sad interactions between Eleanor and Franz, whose marriage has reached a point of mutual stale annoyance, yielding moments of laugh out loud amusement for the reader Each chapter starts with a lyrical meditation on the nature of life, death, and that perilous progression we all...

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    I love a good mystery and Dorothy James delivers with this page turning, entertaining suspense Great character development, wonderful dialogue and creative and clever clues bringing the reader right along on the investigation James has definitely done her research, the historical details popped to life with her wonderful writing Taut with suspense, surprising red herrings and characters you ll either love or hate, A Place to Die is a wonderful first book to new series I can t wait to read th...

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    Really a 4.5 star

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    Good mystery Not your usual cozy I am looking forward to reading about the Inspector I love it when the characters are my age Getting old isn t as easy as I thought it would be.

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A Place to Die Murder In The Vienna WoodsWho Expects Murder And Mayhem In A Sedate Retirement Home Certainly Not Eleanor And Franz Fabian Who Arrive From New York Expecting A Quiet, Boring Christmas With Franz S Mother In Her New Home But When The Wealthy, Charming Herr Graf Is Found Dead In His Apartment With An Ugly Head Wound, The Fabians Are Thrust Into A Homicide Investigation Some Of The Residents And Staff Have Surprising Connections To The Dead Man, But Who Would Have Wanted To Kill Him Inspector B Chner Is Brought In From Downtown Vienna To Investigate He Tracks Down The Murderer Against A Backdrop Of Viennese History From The Nazi Years To The Present Day