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Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communication Systems PDF Antennas And Propagation For Wireless Communication Systems Author Simon Saunders Escortkibris724.live This Will Be A Vital Source Of Information On The Basic Concepts And Specific Applications Of Antennas And Propagation To Wireless Systems, Covering Terrestrial And Satellite Radio Systems In Both Mobile And Fixed Contexts Antennas And Propagation Are The Key Factors Influencing The Robustness And Quality Of The Wireless Communication Channel And This Book Includes Illustrations Of The Significance And Effect Of The Wireless Propagation Channel Overview Of The Fundamental Electromagnetic Principles Underlying Propagation And Antennas Basic Concepts Of Antennas And Their Application To Specific Wireless Systems Propagation Measurement, Modelling And Prediction For Fixed Links, Macrocells, Microcells, Picocells And Megacells Narrowband And Wideband Channel Modelling And The Effect Of The Channel On Communication System Performance Methods That Overcome And Transform Channel Impairments To Enhance Performance Using Diversity, Adaptive Antennas And Equalisers It Will Be Essential Reading For Wireless Communication Engineers As Well As For Students At Postgraduate Or Senior Undergraduate Levels Distinctive Features Of This Book Are Examples Of Real World Practical System Problems Of Communication System Design And Operation Extensive Worked Examples End Of Chapter Questions Topical And Relevant Information For And About The Wireless Communication Industry