Alien Breeder (Alien Invasion, #3)

Alien Breeder (Alien Invasion, #3) A lonely woman A wounded warrior Can thirty days change their lives When Sarah is imprisoned for violating one of the alien invaders laws, she discovers that there is at stake than just her freedom In exchange for a thirty day breeding contract with an alien warrior, Sarah will not on

Xul (Captured by Aliens #1)

Xul (Captured by Aliens #1) Athena wakes up in hell Well it s an alien slave ship, but it might as well be hell because she only has three choices Mate Become a sex slave Or be killed Great options Desperate for freedom, a chance for survival is presented in the handsome rogue alien called Xul But Xul is caught up in p

Red Sands (Warlords Of Atera, #1)

Red Sands (Warlords Of Atera, #1) She s on the run from a violent past He solves his problems with a sword Fleeing a life of abuse, Sheri climbs aboard a mail order mate spaceship bound for a distant station, but never arrives Fate intervenes and her trip takes a quick, deadly turn when she crashes on the planet Atera She s

Saving Runt (Cosmos' Gateway, #7)

Saving Runt (Cosmos' Gateway, #7) Amelia Runt Thomas lives in the shadows playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the most ruthless criminals in the world She lives her life by two codes the code of the digital world hackers and a personal code to bring down the baddies of the world She is on target until one fateful nigh

Alien Prisoner (Alien Invasion, #2)

Alien Prisoner (Alien Invasion, #2) She s determined to escape He s determined to claim her Rachel is too busy working to support her brother and her helpless mother to worry about the aliens taking over Earth until she breaks one of their rules and finds herself imprisoned on a spaceship with a group of other human females Dete

Shielded Heart (The Infinite City, #2)

Shielded Heart (The Infinite City, #2) Arthos, the Infinite City, is a place of alien wonders and indescribable beauty and, most importantly for Samantha, it s also halfway across the universe from her abusive ex fianc She came to the city desperate for a fresh start, but she finds herself downtrodden on a world of aloof alien beings w

The Queen's Advantage (Rogue Queen, #2)

The Queen's Advantage (Rogue Queen, #2) When Queen Samara Rani decides to repay her debt to Emperor Valentin Kos by rooting out the traitors in his court, she knows his advisors will despise her presence The unknown traitors hate her because she tricked them out of five million credits, but even his loyal advisors have no use for the que


Condemned She owes them her life She ll pay with her body After she is caught trying to steal an artifact from an alien temple, Avalon is saved from a terrible fate by four veteran warriors, but the battle scarred brutes make it clear they have no intention of setting her free She belongs to them now, and