Penny's Protector (Icehome #10)

Penny's Protector (Icehome #10) S bren doesn t realize what a mess he s stepping in when he steals me away He just wants to resonate Sweet, right But his methods are all wrong and resonance doesn t look as if it s happening anytime soon for either of us So I m going to use this time away from the camp as an opportunity We re

The Pet Project

The Pet Project My people collected Captured all the bi pedal inhabitants of a small blue planet in a galaxy that was quite a journey from our own star system Tender skinned and intelligent, these new aliens make interesting pets Fascinating, actually And when the rest of the universe realizes this,

Mark of Eon (Eon Warriors, #5)

Mark of Eon (Eon Warriors, #5) Oil and water Fire and ice Terran space marine and rugged alien warrior Space marine Lieutenant Jamie Park has a reputation as tough as steel just the way she likes it A horrible childhood and her marine training have forged her into a strong woman, and she s never seen a fight she d back down

Achieve (Project: Adapt, #2)

Achieve (Project: Adapt, #2) An abomination or a savior I can t be both My welcome at the CEG Space Station didn t go as planned Arriving as a new mother and meeting the male responsible for my situation was only the beginning of my problems Now I have to prove to politicians that I deserve to be a citizen instead of

Brute's Challenge (Conquered Mates #3)

Brute's Challenge (Conquered Mates #3) Escape is impossible And now I m relying on a monster for mercy I can see how he eyes me He owns me He can do whatever he wants His will is law This world is wrecked Society has collapsed The Kraaj control everything They can do what they want Take what they want They command And we are

When She's Married

When She's Married Escaped convict Vordigar has been hiding out on Risda III When he s scooped up by law enforcement, he has two choices he can be shipped back to the Haven prison system, or he can marry one of the locals Piper is from an alien race called humans and she needs a mate to help her protect her farm

Alien Hope (Alien Invasion, #5)

Alien Hope (Alien Invasion, #5) Torn apart for ten years, can they reclaim their love For as long as Emlan could remember, T renan had been part of her life friend, protector, confidant but when she tried to show the massive alien warrior she wanted , he left her When she heard that he had been killed, she couldn t let